Sound Design: Sound in Space


Sep 25th,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Zoom

About The Workshop

Sound in Space takes into account the interior architecture of seclusion and the circumstances in which artists produce sound and music in a post-pandemic global environment. This workshop invites students and faculty interested in sound-making as both acoustic and digital expression, which after being recorded will go through the editing process using a variety of digital software, creating new sonic space. We will experiment in the home environment or, conversely, depending on where the participants will be located, we will record and perform sounds of the outdoors. You will be able to use any software you currently have - such as Garage, LogicPro, ProTools or Adobe Audition etc. - or, you can just focus on the ambient recording itself. The goal is to create short acoustic recording and make it into digital sound composition (edited or not). All levels welcome, no prior knowledge of software of music theory required.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

This workshop is perfect for artists, designer and architects who wish to incorporate sound into their practice. While the immediate connection could be with wideo or performance, there are also other less predictable possible outcomes, such as an architectural project that incorporates sound or other hybrid approaches.


One short 2-5 min. work in sound, ready to be played in space or via computer, or listed to on headphones. All files will be saved as WAV or AIF.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Next Steps


  • Monika Weiss

    Monika Weiss is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist working in time-based media of digital film, music, sound, performance, and public projects. She is associate professor of art at Sam Fox School with courtesy appointments in Film & Media Studies and Performing Arts Graduate Program, Washington University in St. Louis. Her work has been shown in museums and art institutions worldwide. Forthcoming is her first permanent outdoor sculpture/monument 'Nirbhaya' build from stone, and filled with water, video projection and sound, planned to be installed next year in her native Poland and, the following year, in the US, and accompanied by a bi-lingual monograph.