Silkscreening: Alternative Processes in Silkscreening


Oct 23rd,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Zoom

About The Workshop

Traditional printmaking can often feel constrained to the physical space of a print shop. One of the challenges often faced by young artists and designers is gaining access to printing equipment once they have left an academic institution. Learn to print from home in this workshop using tools and techniques in your own personal space. This class introduces students to the process of screen printing; the alternative process of using watercolor lets students create artwork that mixes the control of the screen with the loose, painterly qualities of watercolor. Kits will be sent to all participants making it easy to follow along with the instructor via remote video learning.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

The process of screen printing applies to Fashion, Communication Design, Architecture, and Studio Art. If you are curious about screen printing or printmaking, you are in the right place.


Students will produce a unique screen print during the workshop. Students will have an understanding of the screen printing process and be aware of next steps if they wish to pursue the process further.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Next Steps

Tom Reed, Master Printer, Island Press Amelia Jones, Technician, Dubinsky Print Lab


  • Amelia Jones

    Amelia Jones is an artist, educator, and curator. In 2017, she co-founded Flood Plain, an art space that connects creative communities and traditionally under-represented artists in the greater Midwest and American South. Amelia received her BFA from Southern Methodist University and an MFA from the Sam Fox School. She teaches Printmaking, Design, and Art History in St. Louis.