Machine Learning with RunwayML


Jan 29th,

8:30am — 11:20am

Location: Zoom:

About The Workshop

Machine learning offers artists and designers a whole new set of tools to add to their creative arscenals. RunwayML is a new generation creative toolkit powered by machine learning that allows creators to utilize existing machine learning models and train their own models based on existing foundations. This gives creatives a large array of generative and efficiency tools to help support their creative practice. Creatives can generate new images or designs based on a collection of existing images, automate mundane parts of their workflow to speed up production, analyze your content to identify objects, create video depth maps, and more. This workshop will introduce participants to the interface of RunwayMl and focus on a series of exercises that explore popular machine learning models for creative production. Learn more about RunwayML at

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Machine learning is a new frontier that expands all types of creative practices. The most interesting about RunwayML is the ability to 'Daisy Chain' models together so that the output of one can be the input of another. This creates opportunities to oscillate back and forth between tasks and develop a rich custom tool by connecting existing parts. Architects might use this to develop abstract floor plans or facades, artists and designers may explore pattern and imagery alternatives, writers can explore generative poetry and language. In addition to these creative pursuits the efficiency opportunities for speeding up tasks like removing backgrounds to images, cropping, enlarging, etc. can help any creative practice.


A whole bunch of images, videos, texts, etc. using machine learning.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Next Steps

Conditional Design taught by Assistant Professor Jonathan Hanahan is a class that utilizes this software and the processes embedded in it extensively. If interested in this type of creative process this is a great class to investigate as an elective.


  • Jonathan Hanahan

    Jonathan Hanahan is a creative technologist and educator who loves the internet but is equally terrified by it. He uses technology to critique technology. His speculative practice explores the physical, cultural, and social ramifications of digital experiences and the role technology plays in shaping our everyday realities. He makes Thick Interfaces. These are tools, devices, software, artifacts, websites, and videos that agitate the digital facade and reveal the complexity existing underneath the thin veneer of our devices. Hanahan received his BARCH from Virginia Tech and his MFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. In addition to his studio practice, Hanahan is an Assistant Professor in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis where he teaches creative coding, procedural process, and interaction design. He is also the co-founder and faculty director of Fox Fridays, an interdisciplinary workshop series encouraging experimentation with tools, processes, and technology.