Screen Printing: Prayer Flags for Puerto Rico


Feb 28th,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Bixby 110

About The Workshop

This workshop gives students an introduction to the screen printing facilities in the Dubinsky Print Lab. Students will learn how to prepare and print screens as well as develop a familiarity with the screen printing facilities available.

Note: Students should bring with them an image that is 11"x15" or smaller to print.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Learning the basics of screen printing might offer insight into studio areas such as fashion and communication design.


Each student will create a design and print 12 prayer flags during the workshop. Students will leave with a set of 10 prayer flags produced by everyone in the class. (One set will go to Southern Graphics International Conference April 1-4, 2020. to be exhibited)

Next Steps

The printmaking department regularly offers courses during the school year that incorporate screen printing into the class curriculum. Students who have taken this workshop can also gain access to the screen printing area after paying a fee. To use the screen printing facilities, contact Amelia Jones, Shop Technician.


  • Tom Reed & Amelia Jones