Nov 15th,

12:00pm — 3:00pm

Location: Steinberg Hall, Lower Level, Darkroom

About The Workshop

Darkroom Processes will introduce students to the darkroom studio and analog printing. Students will learn about the materials, chemistry, and processes used to develop black and white photographs.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Learning the basics of analog printing offers insight into areas studio areas such as printmaking and collage, and also provides foundational information about tools for editing digital images in programs such as Adobe Photoshop.


By the end of the workshop students will produce a set of analog black and white images.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Text-based resources for learning more about the darkroom and analog photography include:

Bellamy, Andrew. Analog Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film. Princeton Architectural Press, 2019.

Next Steps

The photography area offers a course in Black and White Photography annually, including in Spring 2020. Students who have taken a workshop can also gain access to the darkroom after paying a fee. This fee covers the cost of chemistry. To use the dark room contact Meghan Kirkwood, Gina Grafos, a darkroom lab monitor


  • Meghan Kirkwood


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