Mold Making for Casting Clay


Feb 21st,

8:30am — 11:30am

Location: Walker Hall - Ceramics studio

About The Workshop

Using plaster molds to cast clay objects. Along with a thorough presentation on molds and plaster in relation to the ceramic process, participants will also experience both press-molding & slip-casting with plaster molds. They will have an opportunity to manipulate these objects, however, since the clay pieces will need to be bisque and glaze fired, participants works will not be available until 2 weeks after the workshop.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Aspects of the casting process can be applied to chemistry; engineering; design and commercial industry / production, architecture, and sculpture


1 press molded object; 1 slip-cast object

Resources for Continued Investigation

Next Steps

Students interested in learning more about this process should register for a class in Ceramics with Ron Fondaw, and or, contact me, Dryden Wells / Walker Hall - Instructional Technician and invested molder maker / caster of clay.


  • Dryden Wells

    Dryden Wells is an active ceramic artist, maker, designer and educator.  He received his MFA in Ceramics from Texas Tech University and a BSED and BFA from Missouri State University.  He has taught and managed in several institutions of higher education, with the majority of time spent in Jingdezhen and Shanghai, China running a porcelain design studio, teaching in ceramic departments, and directing an international education center.  Wells is highly interested and passionate in craftsmanship and process, his artwork is exhibited nationally and internationally.