Screen Printing


Mar 19th,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Zoom (Must be able to pick up materials from Sam Fox School)

About The Workshop

Level up your at-home studio practice with this workshop. Using screen filler and drawing fluid, learn the fundamentals of building a repeatable image. No industrial equipment required. Students will get to keep their own screen, squeegee, and ink supplies after the workshop. This class is great for brand new printers or those looking to step up their creative practice. Students must be able to pick up a materials kit from the Sam Fox School the week of the workshop.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

This workshop connects Studio Art, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Landscape Architecture, or anyone wanting to add a unique, hand-drawn quality to their work.


Students will produce a finished, two-color screen print

Next Steps

Contact Amelia Jones: Instructional Technician, Dubinsky Print Lab


  • Amelia Jones

    Amelia is the Instructional Technician for the Print and Book Studio. They are also adjunct faculty in Printmaking, Art History, and Design at STLCC and St. Charles Community College. Amelia is one-third of the curatorial team for the (currently nomadic) art gallery and experimental music venue, Flood Plain.