Woodworking: Make A Ping-Pong Ball Crossbow


Jan 24th,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Bixby 200 3D Shop

About The Workshop

This workshop will introduce students to a sampling of essential woodworking tools (bandsaw, drill press, sanders). We will also cover adhesives, fasteners and simple kinetics.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

A fundamental understanding of woodworking equipment, fasteners and adhesives will broaden the repertoire of any aspiring artist, designer or architect. The ability to make physical objects that perform as designed can be useful in virtually every discipline.


Students will produce a Ping Pong Ball Crossbow that will be sure to annoy their friends and frustrate their families.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Bixby, Walker, Givens, and Weil Shops.

Next Steps

Any member of the Sam Fox technical staff


  • Bryce Olen Robinson

    Bryce Olen Robinson is a sculptor and installation artist from Ferguson, Missouri. Robinson's practice seeks to reveal and frame the structures, histories, and politics that have defined and redefined his community. www.bryceolenrobinson.com

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