Teachable Machine: Introduction to Machine Learning


Nov 6th,

8:30am — 11:30am

Location: Zoom: https://wustl.zoom.us/s/94016910957

About The Workshop

Using Google's Teachable Machine participants will learn the basics of machine learning potential in creative practice. The workshop is an introduction to training models to recognize images, sounds, and poses to then be used in interactive applications.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Like many new technologies, machine learning has applications across the creative spectrum from utilitarian to experimental. It can be used to recognize, generate and augment existing creative practices and gives users the ability to tap into vast knowledge bases inside existing neural networks. Until recently, these networks were largely out of reach for all but the most expert coders. Luckily software like Teachable Machine and runwayML are providing opportunities for larger communities of artists and designers to take advantage. These processes have many applications across disciplines. See examples here for further ideas about how these skils might augment your existing practice:




Participants will train a model to recognize a series of gestures, images and/or sounds that will control an interactive web game.

Resources for Continued Investigation

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  • Jonathan Hanahan, Assistant Professor of Design

    Jonathan Hanahan is a designer and educator whose speculative practice explores the cultural and social ramifications of experiences which transcend physical and digital occupations and the role technology plays in shaping, mediating, and disrupting our everyday realities. He develops Thick Interfaces—tools, devices, software, artifacts, websites, videos, etc. which agitate the digital facade and reveal the physical reality and complexity which exist underneath the thin veneer of our devices.

    Hanahan received his BARCH from Virginia Tech and his MFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. In addition to his studio practice, Hanahan is an Assistant Professor in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.