Lighting Studio


Feb 7th,

8:30am — 11:30am

Location: Steinberg 026; Steinberg Lighting Studio

About The Workshop

This workshop will provide an introduction to the lighting studio space, equipment, and safety protocols and procedures. We will discuss basic lighting set-ups for documentation of two- and three-dimensional work, portraits, as well how to use the tethered shooting system. We will also discuss lighting studio resources available for check-out and use outside of the studio area.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

The lighting studio is a resource that can assist a variety of studio production from documentation of work to creative interpretations of subjects and environments. Though most directly related to photographic investigations, the lighting studio could support work in fashion and communication design, as well as architectural fields.


Students will produce a set of images made using the different lighting set-ups.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Students interested in learning more about lighting studio practices and equipment can consult texts such as "Light, Science, Magic" and take courses in Photography that cover the creative use of studio lighting.

Next Steps

The photography area offers an Art Practice course in Studio and Location lighting.


  • Meghan Kirkwood

    Assistant Professor of Visual Arts

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