Lightroom: Introduction for photo editing


Oct 30th,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Zoom

About The Workshop

This workshop will introduce the basics of Adobe Lightroom and how it can be used in support of different studio practices. It will cover basic workflow, editing strategies, and output formats. It will also address less well-known capabilities of the program, which may support other studio work beyond still image editing.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Lightroom is an image management tool as much as it is a photographic editing medium; all studio disciplines can benefit from learning more about organizing and editing their digital images.


Students will create a series of edited collections of their own files.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Digital Photography or any of the advanced photography courses.

Next Steps

Participants may contact me or our Photography Technician, Drew Nikonowicz


  • Meghan Kirkwood

    Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, area head in Photography