Drawbot: Python Patterns


Nov 20th,

8:30am — 11:30am

Location: Zoom

About The Workshop

Using Drawbot (requires MacOS or a firm grasp of the command line in Windows/Linux) to introduce basic programming in Python. DrawBot is a creative coding environment with powerful support for typography. It can be used as a static image generator (PDF or raster), an animation tool, or generative design tool. This workshop will introduce students to the environment, Python, and foundational programming concepts.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Students will learn basic programming skills that can be transferred to a variety of work, from interaction design to scripting inside of other tools.


Students will create a flexible pattern generator that they can use in their work.

Resources for Continued Investigation

https://forum.drawbot.com https://p5js.org https://github.com/SpaceTypeContinuum/generative-typography

Next Steps

Students interested in continuing to use python might take Ben Kiel's 'Programing Design' course.


  • Ben Kiel

    Ben Kiel is a typeface designer, an educator, and a partner in XYZ Type. During his years working at House Industries, he specialized in addressing complex problems at the overlap of design and technology. He now works from the XYZ Type’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Kiel earned his MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He currently teaches at Type@Cooper and Washington University in St. Louis.