CNC Plasma Cut Metal


Apr 23rd,

8:30am — 11:30pm

Location: Walker Shop (In Person)

About The Workshop

This workshop will introduce the use of the CNC Plasma Cutter in Walker Hall. Students will learn how to program a shape using Fusion 360 program and send that file to the Plasma Cutting table to be cut out of steel.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Workshop crosses with engineering, small scale manufacturing, component production for art and architecture. Expanded basic knowledge of digital fabrication, 3D modeling program language, and CNC operations.


A template file for a bottle opener will be given to the students. They will modify it to become their own unique design. We will nest all the designs together and do a live feed where they can watch the piece being cut. At the conclusion of this workshop students will have a bottle opener and a basic knowledge of Fusion 360 and the OS for the plasma cutter.

Resources for Continued Investigation

Next Steps

Noah Kirby (Senior Lecturer) and all the studio technicians


  • Noah Kirby

    Noah Teaches Metal Fabrication, Blacksmithing, Metal Casting, 3D design, and Digital Fabrication for Object-Making. A long time lecturer in the Sculpture area you can find him most days in Walker Hall. He generally works at large scale in the public realm.

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Those who sign up will ask to confirm their participation in the days before the workshop. If you do not confirm and are not very sure you will participate your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist. For more info, questions, or if the workshop is closed and you really want to participate, contact