Bookbinding: Sewn Sketchbook


Oct 16th,

1:00pm — 4:00pm

Location: Zoom

About The Workshop

With remote learning and social distancing in full effect, it has become more important than ever to find both new pastimes and alternative studio practices. Put down the computer and pick up some paper – Print isn't dead. Through this workshop participants will learn how to bind a simple soft cover sketchbook, complete with covers with interior pockets. Kits will be sent to all participants making it easy to follow along with the instructor via remote video learning.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

This is a great way to begin grounding observational research in a physical practice. Whether you are a MLA or Architecture student, a biology student, etc - this will be a wonderful way to begin thinking about the process of walking, looking, drawing and note-taking as a cerebral AND physical process.


A small bespoke sewn sketchbook that fits easily into your back pocket.

Next Steps

Courses in printmaking or the book studio. Contact Book Studio Coordinator Becca Leffell Koren


  • Michael Powell

    Michael Powell is an artist and designer working at the intersection of traditional crafts and emerging technologies. He received his BA from the University of California and an MFA from the Sam Fox School. He lectures on subjects ranging from papermaking, artist books, typography and graphic design in both the College of Art and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design.