Arduino 1/2: Motors


Apr 10th,

8:30am — 11:30am

Location: ZOOM! (Link to Come)

About The Workshop


We are working on an update to this workshop to conduct it remotely. More Soon

This workshop may be taken individually or in combination with the Sensors workshophappening later in the day.

Participants will learn to use Arduino* with sensors and motor to make a sun seeking robot. The workshop will begin by looking at contemporary applications of these technologies in art and design. Next we make the bot-body by assembling the hardware: wires, sensors, and the motor. Finally we give it a brain using simple programming. This way you can communicate to the arduino what you want the bot to do. The arduino will tell the bot how to use its sensor and motor in order to search for the sun.

No previous experience is necessary. These skills can seem simultaneously obvious and
intimidating but they are fun to learn, especially in a group setting. Most importantly, once you begin, you can expand on this information in fascinating ways.

Arduino is a brand name for a series of open source circuitboards with
microcontrollers (and a lot of other stuff on them) that can be programmed to control
sensors, motors, and diodes in both very simple and extremely complex combinations.
Being open sourced means that their design is available to whoever wants to use it to
make compatible products, so you may see arduino compatible boards made by
adafruit, sparkfun, and other companies.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Arduino compatible products, sensor-controlled environments, and stepper motors are
ubiquitous. They are found in everyday objects like paper towel dispensers, gaming,
environmental systems, toys, and contemporary artworks. See examples in links listed


Students will build a Sun-Seeking Robot

Resources for Continued Investigation


Next Steps



  • Lindsey Stouffer

    Lindsey Stouffer is a multidisciplinary artist that identifies as a sculptor. She has a deep seated connection to spatio-material relationships and their effects on perception. Lindsey has extensive experience with making in a variety of media. She is currently developing a project titled Beasts, an interactive installation in collaboration with musician Joanna

    Rosalee-Mendoza. This work integrates interactive technology using sensors similar to those covered in the Fox Fridays workshop. Beasts is supported by a generous grant from the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis.