Alginate Body Casting


Oct 11th,

3:00pm — 6:00pm

Location: Walker Hall Shop/plaster room/outdoor courtyard

About The Workshop

This workshop will demonstrate the fundamentals of mold making and the use of alginate (a safe biodegradable material) for making body casts in plaster.

Cross Disciplinary Connections

Skill in mold making/casting provides students and professionals with endless possibilities for generating dimensional forms en masse. From products to packaging, casting is integral to the design and marketing of most consumer goods. Artists in various disciplines will respond to the limitless material opportunities of casting; plaster, metal, food, paper, ceramics, plastics, resin... the possibilities are expansive. Take this opportunity to expand your possibilities!


Students will leave the workshop with a high-resolution plaster casting of their own hand.

Next Steps

Many of the sculpture and ceramics courses we offer address mold making and casting to some degree. However, Metal Foundry with Noah Kirby is the most casting-centric course we offer at the Sam Fox School. Contact your local Sculpture faculty or technician for more information on mold making and casting.

Next steps: Connected courses or experts to contact:
Professors: Noah Kirby, Lindsey Stouffer, Arny Nadler, Ron Fondaw (Who in Architecture should be added here?)
Technicians: Bryce Robinson


  • Bryce Robinson

    Bryce Olen Robinson is a sculptor and installation artist from Ferguson, Missouri. Robinson's practice seeks to reveal and frame the structures, histories, and politics that have defined and redefined his community.