Fox Fridays

A weekly, low-stress workshop series introducing the community at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts to overlooked or under-known tools, resources, and processes. Fox Fridays is a platform for students to develop hybridized practices of creative output that transcend discipline, medium, and experience.

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Due to Covid-19 Pandemic our schedule has been slightly adjusted. Several workshops that relied on physical spaces and tools are being rescheduled for the fall. Others, focused on digital tools are being adjusted to offer online workshops. Please see the adjusted schedule for more information and if you have any questions, please contact Assistant Professor Jonathan Hanahan.

Every Friday, one resource facility or tool space transforms into a classroom to encourage a new culture of play, experimentation, and cross-disciplinary making and dialogue across the Sam Fox and Washington University campus.

Fox Fridays are about exploring new mediums and tools, refining skills and diving deep into alternative processes. It gives students opportunities to learn from different types of makers in an environment free of the stress and anxiety of studio production. It encourages the development of communities and collaborations which bridge traditional disciplines and establishes relationships outside of defined studio practices. Most of all, Fox Fridays is about celebrating the immense resources available at the Sam Fox School, sharing knowledge, and encouraging collaborative experimentation. So pick a workshop, sign up, and forge a gateway to new possibilities.


  • Why Fridays?

    Fox Fridays are as much about culture as they are about tools. Everyone is stressed. Friday is (hopefully!) a less stressful day. Before the anxiety of Monday starts to creep up, Fox Fridays carve out a little space outside the anxiety of studio and classes. Take a few hours to try a new process, learn a new skill, experiment with a medium you have been interested in but couldn’t find time to enroll in a class. Maybe it helps augment your current studio work, maybe not. The point is to try, experiment and forge new pathways in your creative practice.
  • Who are the workshops for?

    Workshops are open primarily to students, faculty and staff from the Sam Fox School. They are free and first come, first served. If space is available, students from outside Sam Fox are welcome too.
  • What do the workshops cost?

    These workshops are generously funded by the Ralph J. Nagel Dean's Initiative Fund. Don't worry about materials, equipment, etc. Just sign up and show up.
  • Are these workshops for credit?

    No. While credit is not bestowed, knowledge and experience are. These workshops are intended to provide quick, effortless, and fun investigations into things that might not ordinarily find their way into your studio practice. By investing in workshops with new tools and resources, you may find alternative methods that might later influence your course selection and studio practice.
  • If I take a workshop do I earn access to the space?

    Yes and No. Workshops are not immediate keys to free access, but rather, gateways to form further contact points and creative pedagogies. Workshop take-aways include direct connection to classes offered in that particular medium/process as well as a way to establish contact points with experts in the workshop resource on campus. For many, the next best step might include enrolling in a future class, attending an additional workshop, or participating in classes offered through your curriculum. This 'first date' with on campus experts provides an experimental insight into processes you may be unfamiliar with. The workshop should put faces to spaces and make approaching about individual projects more fluid.
  • Can I take a workshop more than once?

    Absolutely! If space allows we highly encourage students of varying expertise to enroll. These are not just spaces for novices but also for those previously familiar to learn new things and also use equipment under the supervision of expert instructors.
  • What if I have class?

    Speak with your professor. Especially on the Sam Fox campus, many are aware and supportive of these offerings. If the workshop would benefit your studio practice many professors may be amenable to your attendance.

Fall 2020 Workshops

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Each Friday workshop focuses on a technique, tool or resource in Sam Fox. Choose a workshop!